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2301Business Plan

At Mobile Photo Lab™, our mission is to capture the essence of cherished moments and transform them into tangible treasures that bring joy and wonder to people’s lives. We revolutionize photography with personalized, secure, and creative solutions, ensuring unforgettable experiences that immortalize the beauty of life’s journey.
MrDearShotMe LLC dba Mobile Photo Lab
1000 Tazewell St. Portsmouth, VA. 23701
Lee Dear             Founder
Kenita Dear        Operations
Martin Boone     Marketing
Ahmed Tiber      Social Media
Mobile Photo Lab™ provides on-location professional photography services for companies, events, and individuals with same-day prints ranging from key chains to 24 x 36 prints.
Mobile Photo Lab™’s diverse services cater to various target markets, including individuals,   families, businesses, and government officials, ensuring a broad appeal and significant potential for growth. By offering customized packages, branding opportunities, and advanced technologies like offline storage and vault services, the company positions itself as a leader in providing exceptional photography experiences.
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