Mobile Photo Lab™

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Expansion Phases

$10,000 Mobile Photo Lab™ Phase 1

  • To produce the large format prints on location, reducing the current cost and wait time for large format prints.

  • Provide a dedicated POS to process transactions

  • Provide an additional printer to produce our hero product Branded Photo Keychains

These enhancements will improve our profitability by over 74% with our current scheduled events and clientele.

$20,000 Mobile Photo Lab™ Phase 2

All of the equipment in Phase 1

  • Graphic wrap for current vehicle

  • Maintenance for current vehicle

  • Additional Insurance and Legal fees

This phase will enhance Mobile Photo Lab™ as an industry leader by increasing brand awareness and protecting the brand. Allowing us to accept larger corporate jobs.

$150,000 Mobile Photo Lab™ Phase 3

Phase 3 will start developing our fleet of mobile photography labs and guarantee six months of salaries for staff. For a detailed list of startup costs please see section 9.0 Financials – Startup cost on page 37 in the Mobile Photo Lab™ business plan.

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