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Sponsor A Portrait!

Do you own or work for a business looking for a unique way of enhancing brand awareness? 

Mobile Photo Lab™ has the answer! 

Imagine your business logo framed on the wall of families in the community you serve. 

Mobile Photo Lab™ has partnered with several organizations in the area, and we are setting up Picture Days!

These unique events focus on community, family unity, and self-confidence. Our community partners will host events where we will capture families and individual portraits of attendees. The participants will receive one printed and an online shareable copy of their image with your company and the organization’s logo in the lower corners of the picture.

The Sponsor

The sponsor will choose a sponsorship plan. These plans will include the sponsor brand on portraits or family photos and online photo gallery images to share and see.

Your Organization

Your organization will pick a Picture Day and identify potential sponsors interested in this unique branding opportunity that promotes community, family unity, and self-confidence. 

Mobile Photo Lab™

Mobile Photo Lab™ will capture and provide (1) free 8×10 print with the logo of the Organization and the sponsor to each participant at the Organization’s picture day event.

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