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Mobile Photo Lab™, your one-stop shop for transforming precious moments into tangible keepsakes!

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Located in the heart of Portsmouth, Virginia, we’re a passionate team driven by a single mission: to help you capture and relive life’s most meaningful experiences with family and event photography.
We believe that cherished memories deserve more than just digital storage. That’s why we offer exceptional mobile photography services and on-demand printing, allowing you to turn fleeting moments into beautiful, physical treasures.

Certified Photographers

At Mobile Photo Lab™, our commitment to delivering exceptional quality starts with building a strong foundation for our photographers. As a key part of our quality control process, all our photographers undergo comprehensive training and certification by the esteemed International Photography Association (IPA). This ensures that each member of our photography team possesses a solid understanding of basic photography principles and techniques, setting the standard for excellence.

About Us

More Than Just Photos:

At Mobile Photo Lab™, we understand that photos are more than just images; they’re windows to the past, evoking emotions and bringing back cherished memories.

That’s why we go beyond simply taking photos. We help you curate a visual story that tells your unique narrative, capturing the essence of your life’s special moments.

Our Products and Services

Signature Portrait Experience

Elevate your essence with our Signature Portrait Experience amidst Virginia’s scenic settings. From lush parks to urban streets or the intimacy of home, our skilled photographer crafts timeless portraits reflecting your true self.

Photo Restoration

Rediscover your memories anew with Mobile Photo Lab™’s expert photo restoration service. We meticulously scan, digitally edit, and enhance your cherished images, offering both reprints and digital files. Trust us to breathe life back into your faded and damaged photographs.

Photo Adventure at Norfolk Botanical Garden

Beautiful family standing on stone stairs in the Norfolk Botanical Gardens with green plants surrounding them.

Capture cherished moments amidst the natural splendor of Norfolk Botanical Gardens with our Garden Escape Photoshoot package. Enjoy a 2-hour session for up to 6 people, with pets welcome on Sundays. Book your serene outdoor photo experience now!

Talk To Me Tuesday

Book your 1-hour planning call today and let us guide you in maximizing your investment with Mobile Photo Lab™. Our expert team is ready to assist you in crafting the perfect approach to ensure your event or project stands out.

Tangible Treasures

Carry your memories with you wherever you go. Our personalized photo key chains and magnets make for perfect keepsakes and thoughtful gifts for loved ones. 

Solutions for Businesses 

Elevate your brand with our creative photography solutions. From product photography to corporate events, we help businesses stand out with visually compelling content. 

View Highlights from the 2024 Portsmouth YMCA Winter Basketball games

Portsmouth YMCA Basketball Game 03/02/24

Why Choose Mobile Photo Lab™?

Unforgettable Memories

Our mobile photography services are designed to capture and create unforgettable memories you can cherish forever.

Privacy and Security

We understand the importance of safeguarding your family’s images and memories. With our mobile print and finishing service, you have full control over who can access and distribute your photographs.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Our wide-format printing services bring convenience right to your doorstep. No need to visit a physical store – we’ll come to you!

Vault-Like Security

With our offline storage options, you can rest assured that your photographs are safe and secure. Our privacy safeguards provide peace of mind knowing that your memories are protected.

Uncompromising Quality

We take pride in delivering high-quality prints that showcase the beauty and emotion of your photographs. Our wide-format printing ensures stunning results every time.

Professional Photography Sessions

Our team of professional photographers is ready to capture your special moments with expertise and creativity. Trust us to create stunning images that you’ll love.


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Clients & Partners

Tidewater African Cultural Alliance

Mobile Photo Lab™ is proud to spotlight Tidewater African Cultural Alliance. This organization proudly serves the community and makes the world a better place. We are excited to highlight how TACA has leveraged the power of photography and videography to build solidarity by celebrating the African Diaspora.

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